Expected events

  • LUXURY TRAVEL SHOW. Autumn Edition Workshop, 201612 October 2016

    LUXURY TRAVEL SHOW. Autumn Edition is meant to initiate WORLDWIDE luxury tourism industry to discover Belarusian market’s potential, as well as to create a great opportunity for further cooperation and business partnership.


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  • BUY BELARUS, 25 октября 2016 г., Минск, Беларусь Workshop, 201625 October 2016

    Buy Belarus

    В марте 2016 г. в Минске с успехом прошел первый воркшоп Buy Belarus. Сейчас мы планируем собрать гораздо больший круг белорусских экспонентов и привезти профессиональных покупателей из зарубежных стран.

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Reports on events

  • Business-Breakfast Vilnius Grand Resort Business-Breakfast Vilnius Grand Resort

    On 14th of July at Feelini café business-breakfast, dedicated to Vilnius Grand Resort hotel was held. During the breakfast, all the guests enjoyed coffee and engaging presentation about EVENT, GOLF and SPA facilities of the hotel, as well as were introduced to some new offerings.

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  • Reception with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Reception with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


    On 7th of July Travel Connections company hosted a receprion with a representative from Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group– Vadim Ovcharov. The event took place in a brand new Marriott Minsk Hotel. Vadim gave a wonderful and detailed presentation, so that the guests had an opportunity to learn more about the charm of Mandarin Oriental hotel. At the end of the evening, there was a welcome cocktail and a lottery for the guests.

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  • Forte Village Presentatin Forte Village Presentation

    1 июня 2016 года прошел обед-презентация с представителями турагентств Минска от эксклюзивного отельного комплекса Forte Village (Италия, Сардиния).



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